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Annual website maintenance service

Digital Spirit provides website support and maintenance in one affordable annual package. Do you have broken links? need plugins update?

We created our annual maintenance package just for you. This service will give you confidence and knowledge that your website maintenance is current, professional, and up to date.

Annual cost: $99

*3 hours throughout the year – a very sufficient time for maintaining a standard website

Website maintenance - what will we do for you during the year?

Outdated plugins are a security risk! We will update outdated plugins and prevent security breaches

We will make weekly/daily backups - without a backup your site may be deleted!

We will update the site template and prevent a loophole for hackers to attack your site

We will implement an advanced security system and prevent various attacks on your site

We will find broken links and 404 pages and fix them - it will increase user experience

We will clear cache on the site and make sure that it is always updated

Basic content changes - we will replace text or images on the site upon request

We will optimize the site's images - it will increase the site speed

A free consultation is provided on required site improvements

Join many customers who are happy with our maintenance services over the years

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